SimplySync Backup is a powerful backup tool designed to simplify the whole process to the fullest. The idea, therefore, is that they are accurate only few clicks to keep a full backup of your data without any headache.

That's because, instead of having to go through all that complicated process of configuration, all you need to do with this program is to define the folders to be copied and where the backup will be saved. Otherwise, just leave the work to the program.

It is worth noting that, after creating copies, you can still save the data manually or to open the folder to check your files - all directly from the application.

Custom Backup

What kind of backup you need? Whatever her, SimplySync Backup is prepared for it. Through the program, you can choose four different options for backup, the "Backup mode" picture. Are they:

  • Normal backup: copies the source files to the destination, overwriting existing files;
  • Strict Backup: deletes any previous files in the backup folder, replacing all the new files;
  • Restore mode: copy the backup files to the places that, overwriting the files;
  • Sync mode: automatically copy the new files added to the original folder and backup, maintaining the same data in both all the time.

The choice of mode, in turn, is literally as simple as clicking the selection icon right next to the names. Then, just click on "Save & start" for the tool to work.

SimplySync Backup

Review Of SimplySync

SimplySync is a sample application that can combine powerful tools with an efficient and, above all, a great ease of use. As usual, this is the result, in large part, an extremely user-friendly interface, which really simplifies the interaction with the creation of a backup to the maximum.

Nothing good would it be, in the end, the program was too slow to copy the data. Fortunately, this is not the case: although this may change dramatically, according to the hardware in your system, the software is quite fast and direct the task to duplicate your files, taking almost the same time to copy a folder from Windows.

Add to that the fact that the SimplySync Backup does not even need installation and the result is obvious: one of those applications that you simply must have on your computer at all times. He may not have the elegance and power of a more robust backup program, of course, but those looking for something simple and easy to use will not regret it.

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