Free Any DVD Converter Pro is a tool that allows you to extract video from DVDs and Blu-rays and save them on your computer in almost any format.

The program can make the extraction and conversion simultaneously and can even save your 2D or 3D videos. In this way, you can store your entire collection of movies and series on the computer respecting the standard that it has on physical media.

This application can still make converting videos saved on your PC, without having to deal with physical disks. That is, it works both as extractor DVD files and Blu-Rays as converter common videos saved on your hard drive.

Ripping the disc
To start operating the Free Any DVD Converter Pro, you just need to insert a disc into the optical drive, and then select this element via the "Load Disk" in the upper left corner of the window.

That done, you must choose the output format and save location on your PC. There is also the ability to move the way the conversion must be made by inserting or removing the 3D effect, if any, in the original file.

For users who buy the license of the program, still it offers some possibilities for editing, to remove unnecessary portions of the film and apply minor edits.


Review Of Free Any DVD Converter Pro

Free Any DVD Converter Pro is a good option for those looking for an application to import your entire collection of DVDs and Blu-rays to the computer. The software can not only make that imports and also converts and edits the videos coming from the drives.

If you have 3D movies that need to be stored on the PC, Free Any DVD Converter can also do this and simply. It has resources to preserve the three-dimensionality of the files in the original patterns even when you convert to a different extent, MKV for example.

However, this and many other advanced features are only available to those who purchase a permanent license program. Free, it just makes the extraction and simple conversion. In some cases, the output video still left with a watermark in the middle, making them unusable files.

Interface below expectations

The Free Any DVD Converter Pro interface is very dated, with ugly look without consistency icons each other, and other well disjointed elements on the screen, almost as if the interface had been reuses another application.

Even with that, me our tests, the app worked perfectly well, without any continuity problem in the videos or crashes during the process. In fact, in a test with a 12-minute video, we can make the conversion in just over 2 minutes.

Considering this, we can say that it is worth doing a test with Free Any DVD Converter Pro, but be aware that most of the tools will be released only when you make the purchase of the license.

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