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How To Block A Contact On WhatsApp Android

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular applications and successful messaging, but I must say that we all know the odd person who does not want to tell us about this chat. Because Whatsapp is synchronized with the contact

How To Move Or Synchronize Calendars Between iPhone And Android

If you’ve spent some time iPhone to Android does not only want to transfer the contacts you have stored on your Apple device to your new or overnight music you have stored in iTunes from one computer to another. The

How To Recover Deleted Messages On Whatsapp Messenger

What’s WhatsApp is so common that is already part of our lives, at least of all those who handle it daily and, why not say, with intensity. And therefore, any doubts that assault us on this application is more important,

How To Receive Notifications From Your Android Smartphone To Your Computer

If we add what we can achieve with Google Chrome and what is contributing increasingly, the assistant Google Now, we have in our device a huge potential that get juice to megabuscador tools. But, as in all areas, there is

What To Do If I Forgot My iPhone Password

The iPhone is one of the currently used mobile devices. Among its most useful functions of privacy, is the choice of a code of four digits to unlock the screen and operate mobile. However, this password has become a problem

How To Change The Language In Microsoft Word 2010

At the time of writing documents, Word is the word processor for excellence and continuously used although everyone sometimes escape us as small as details correctly select the language in which we write. Note that by default they have set

How To Free RAM In Mac

If some time you notice that your beloved makes Mac running slower than normal, maybe you’re just using too much RAM . Going installing applications and have other running in the background, gradually becoming less RAM is free. The good

How To Turn The GPS On Android Smartphones

The smartphones not only allow us to stay connected no matter where we are to gain access to our social networks, email and do any internet search we need, but it also brings us closer to various technological advances such

How To Disable Roaming On Android

The data roaming , better known by all as roaming , is what allows us to be out of our home country can receive calls and messages of all types, ie 100% stay connected. All this sounds wonderful, but the

How To Putting The Percentage Of Battery On iPhone

Want to know exactly how much battery you have left your iPhone? In iOS mobile devices can see the percentage of battery right next to the icon itself, which is useful to know how much battery power you have and