Have you heard of Windows 10 and want to try? Did you reserve the renovation and now do not know what steps you must follow? This new version of the operating system brings a number of new features that you will surely like to know. So do not wait to discover how to install Windows 10 free quickly and easily.

How To Install Windows 10 Step By Step:

1. If you had booked the update of Windows 10 , you will see that on the bottom bar, right next to the clock and date of your computer, a Windows icon appears and you must press on it to start the process of upgrading the operating system.

If you do not get that icon appears, you should go to Windows Update to download and you can also access through this link to the Windows website.

2. At this time, a popup window will ask for confirmation will appear upgrade to Windows 10 therefore must read the instructions in the wizard.:

  • Wait 10 seconds for the computer is ready.
  • Read the license agreement.
  • Upgrade to Windows 10

And click on the button 'OK, let's continue'.

3. At this time, you will see the software license terms , ie conditions that Microsoft must read and accept or reject in case you are not satisfied. In that latter case, the decline of the terms, you will also be rejecting the update.

4. Done that, and have everything ready to install Windows 10 ; You can choose between doing right now or schedule it for later, in case you do not have enough time, because this will take a while.

If you decide now upgrade the operating system, it is essential that you keep everything you're doing and close programs to prevent any loss of information.

5. The moment you start the upgrade Windows 10 , you should not do but wait and see how the installation progresses. You will see that your computer will reboot several times; do not worry, it's normal.

If it is a laptop, it will be advisable to connect your computer to the charger and the socket to not run out of battery.

6. It had a good time, when the process has reached 100%, your computer restarts one last time and Windows will welcome the new operating system , showing your photo user.

7. At this point, just you are missing you choose between the quick set that offers Windows or customize various settings. We recommend that if you are not advanced user or do not have sufficient knowledge, choose the default settings.

8. Now you'll have to wait a little more and go! You've updated your computer to Windows 10.