You can get your iPhone with the highest volume without resorting to perform jailbreak , but acting within official channels of Apple. In this article we will explain how you have to make sounds louder, both calls or messages like the music you have on your mobile phone. In we give answer to the question of how to make my iPhone sound louder.

How To Make iPhone Ring Louder Step By Step

1. The most direct way to achieve this, regarding volumes alerts, messages and calls, is deploying the lower submenu iPhone, in this case the iPhone 6, and managing the side menu that lets you increase or decrease the volume. If you move the white small circle to the right, you allow your iPhone sound louder.

2. If you have trouble displaying this menu, another way to achieve the same goal is to click Settings on your iPhone and then in paragraph Sounds.

3. Then, you'll encounter the ability to handle various configurations. The one you want is the one that says Ringer and Alerts. Just as explained in step 1, if you move the white small circle to the right of all, you get the iPhone sounds as high as possible.

You see just below this leveler, have the ability to adjust the volume buttons ringer and alerts. If it appears in green, is that you accept this possibility. In this case, the side buttons of iPhone you can raise or lower the volume.

4. If you want the music to your iPhone ring louder , what you do is the following. Go back to the Settings section, and then click Music.

5. Once inside this section, you should find one that saith Volume Limit. In this case, you see that we have selected to Yes. For the iPhone ring louder, we will have to change this setting. To do this, you must click on this paragraph.

6. Once inside, you can put the volume to maximum white circulito moving to the far right. You will also need to blank, as it is in the picture, the section of Volume Limit EU. However, we do not recommend this option. It is preferable to green this configuration, as having set the volume limit EU is confident that carry the music playing at an appropriate level that will not damage your ears.