In lots of ways, the entire process of selecting a WordPress website hosting company is comparable to choosing the right partner. Result in the wrong decision and you'll end up facing a demanding separation somewhere lower the street, after investing all that money and time into making things work (or otherwise, because the situation might be).

Fortunately, you'll be able to boil lower the standards of selecting a WordPress website hosting company into four key areas, allowing you to choose a hottie more than a dud with relative ease.

Using the above in your mind, within this publish we reveal the 4 important aspects that people believe creates an excellent Weblog web hosting company. When we’re done, you’ll know precisely how to get the best host for your requirements.

Let’s get right to it!

What you actually look for any good WordPress website hosting company?

1. Scalability

A great WordPress website hosting company realizes that many people who invest their money and time into creating sites share one common desire - to look at it grow - and give them the area to do this.

With regards to scalability, the important thing aspect you need to consider when searching for a number are flexible plans that may accommodate all sorts of sites:

SiteGround offers a number of prices choices to suit all needs.

In addition, you’ll need sales and support teams that are prepared to take time to recommend specific hosting packages based on your needs, in addition to informing you when it’s time for you to consider upgrading to support your growing website.

The easiest method to see whether a number will do the job is to consider variety within their hosting packages, check whether or not they create a WordPress-specific mention among their descriptions, and lastly, see if they provide free consultations that will help you find the correct plan.

2. Security

Anybody who spends time dealing with computers understands precisely how important web security is. You will find regularly new tales of massive sites getting breached and dripping the non-public data of lots of people, therefore it may appear obscure how small WordPress sites cope.

Fortunately, there are many hosting suppliers that understand clients require robust safety measures, plus they turn to provide all of the necessary tools.

To recognize whether a WordPress website hosting company can be viewed as secure, you need to look out for an additional informs:

Will they offer firewall or Distributed Denial and services information (Web sites) protection systems?

Will they offer that will help you setup SSL certificates?

Will they provide automated backup solutions for his or her clients?

They have ever uncovered customer information during security breaches?

While you can determine the very first three points if you take a great consider a host’s attributes for every plan, the ultimate suggestion does need you to perform a little googling by yourself. If among the firms that you’re eying continues to be careless using their security previously, it’s a great sign you ought to be searching elsewhere.

3. Support

Ideally, every WordPress website hosting company provides their clients with top-notch timely support while serving them a pleasant mug of coffee. Sadly, it is not always the situation.

To prevent plenty of frustrating nights spent troubleshooting, you’ll want to locate a host which uses support who're knowledgeable with WordPress. Experienced support might have not a problem identifying (and assisting you fix) common WordPress errors like the white-colored screen of dying, internal server errors, compatibility issues, and lots of others once they arise.

To recognize whether a number can present you with WordPress-specific troubleshooting, first of all locate a host company marketing itself particularly towards WordPress users - this way, it’s much more likely they'll offer related support services. However, it isn't always the situation, therefore we also discover that searching via a host’s help section or understanding base enables us to gauge their expertise pretty rapidly:

One particular decent WordPress support section.

When the WordPress website hosting company you’re thinking about transpires with provide its users with substantial documentation and WordPress-specific advice, you’re most likely in safe hands.

For instance, our recent survey has says it’s Flywheel, Kinsta, SiteGround, and WordPress Engine which have probably the most WordPress-proficient support teams. Listed here are the entire survey results.

4. Status

Any webhost that’s existed lengthy enough may have designed a status by itself - either bad or good. This really is fantastic news for anybody searching for any WordPress website hosting company, since nearly any option they may consider have a trail of testimonials.

Basically we can glean a great deal in regards to a service from the website and the sorts of intentions of offer, there isn’t any better method to measure a business compared to getting the opportunity to decide if its clients are satisfied. The very best types of reviews will frequently discuss the caliber of the various services available, exactly what a particular host does right, where they’re shedding the ball.

Rather of searching for review sections on company sites - that will naturally be biased towards reviews that are positive - we advise checking recent comparison articles or diving in to the outcomes of our recent Weblog web hosting survey. Apparently , people’s encounters differ a great deal in line with the specific webhost they will use (for instance, highly rated company within the survey got 4.9/5, as the cheapest rating was just 3.).


While selecting a poor WordPress website hosting company may be the stuff of nightmares, we've more details than ever before open to allow us to make a good decision. You will find online reviews, host comparisons, useful videos, and countless articles dedicated to distilling the procedure lower to the core steps.

All that you should do is keep these simple criteria in your mind when searching for any host, and you’ll choose a champion each time:

Scalability: Your WordPress site needs room to develop.

Security: A possible host company will need to take every reasonable key to safeguard your computer data.

Support: Your selected host should offer you top-notch support at each turn.

Status: A WordPress hosting company must have a good status inside the WordPress community.

Have you got your personal criteria for selecting a possible WordPress website hosting company? Share all of them with us within the comments section below!