Cymera has a very intuitive interface and at all times will have context-sensitive help that will enable us to choose the right way and make the tweaks that we deem necessary in order to obtain a good result. Besides the typical trite enough filters to edit the photos, Cymera offers different options before you take the picture, then . From useful as programmed shooting, anti-shake mode (to avoid moving images) or editing photos more fun, like being able to put "stickers" on images, or add effects such as large eyes, etc. Thanks to its face recognition , the application of this type of effect is very good.

When we open the application it will ask if you want an account loguearnos "Cyworld" or go and use the application without further. The truth is that it is not mandatory and do not really know if it made ​​much use the account. Once inside we will go directly to the main menu where we already have a working camera and screen modes. As we said before , so we have different types : normal, timer (photo countdown), anti-shake (for earthquakes) and touch shots, to shoot photos when we touch the screen. We can activate the front camera if you have it, flash on or off and set the focus area of the camera. Below we shoot camera or choose different lenses which Cymera provides:

  • Basic. A single image.
  • Action. Create a collage of 4 different shots in landscape mode.
  • Super. Create a collage of 4 shots in portrait format.
  • Pop. Create a collage style photo booth with 4 different shots.
  • Double. Based on the timer option includes two shots side by other.
  • Fisheye. The famous fisheye effect.

It also incorporates an interesting independent gallery where you can organize your photos, delete, move or copy. It lacks detail Cymera. Although what definitely takes the cake is the facial recognition and application of the various effects. It's pretty good as long as the photo opposite do correctly. Yet it is surprising speed and capacity that this app offers. Do not hesitate to try it because the truth, I left me a good feeling.

To share with the various social networks we previously set up, using the menu key will access the program settings . In the Share menu, we loguearnos in different social networks that interest us so we can share pictures.

In short, it is a good alternative to the default camera that brings Android to any application and photos to use Cymera is very complete, quick and easy to use.

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Download Cymera For BlackBerry

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