It's time to get to enjoy Empire Z because it is made ​​for people of all ages who want to have fun for a while minimally in a world where severely attacked the zombie apocalypse , it's very feared by everyone in general due to the hundreds Feature film where we tell how it would be terrible and other issues although only the case of a film, always leaves a trace of fear in people, then here we have the opportunity to go to practice as would be the fact of being surrounded by zombies and begin early to shoot them in the head without fail with the weapon above them. We recommend to start practicing and enjoying a zombie game that will speak to those who know to recommend them to because they will like their graphics, the girls who star this story to end the apocalypse that humans knew not control and now are these girls who achieve a clean world from the threat of the undead.

Controls to manage the game Empire Z are basic, is simply to use for example the touch screen to shoot, should also RECAGE and everything to which are already used in this type of game.

Empire Z is a game that required to form alliances with other players to step up and defend their online time attack enemies. When starting the game we have a small tutorial where we talk about what happened with mankind, as well as camps and fortresses that have been created from the Apocalypse. Below we give a name to your character and immediately begin to build buildings in the city , some of which can be completed immediately after after 5 minutes.

To make an alliance, players must click on the Alliance menu which is located at the bottom of the screen; thus a list of all alliances available depending on the geographic location of the user is displayed. Once done you have the possibility to start a Chat with other members of the alliance , in addition to send private messages to basically prepare the strategy. Players everywhere can join the alliance so that before long a lot of members are achieved.


Features Of Empire Z

  • Form an alliance and start rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse!
  • Rebuild your city as you compete with thousands of other players!
  • Create an unstoppable army and conquer the world!

How To Download Android App On Blackberry Smartphone

To download empire z game on your blackberry smartphone simply follow the given link below

Download Android App On Blackberry Smartphone