ooVoo is a fairly specific applications based on programs such as Skype, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Mesenger and so. n. However, unlike them, the program uses its own settings, not related to installing the above programs. The biggest advantage of the application can be called and what it does not use the computer terminals as intermediaries for making the same video calls.

Key Features Of ooVoo

Among the major and perhaps the main features of this software is worth noting that the program allows you to work with the application creating video conferencing, regardless of whether it is installed on the computer at all or not. Communication is done directly from the Web browser, which is used by the operating system by default. Of course, the settings can be changed at any moment when you need it.

As for video conferencing is, here we must pay tribute, the program supports communication with six users simultaneously. Moreover, in a recent release was fundamentally revised concept of the graphical user interface. It is worth saying that the window area has been increased to at least four times. Plus, it was double the resolution, which is especially affected the transmission of the video signal. Now absolutely does not matter what resolution supported by your webcam (up to certain limits, of course). At least, even at the camera with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels and above, so-called "ratcheting" non-existent.

With regard to several unusual features that the program provides users are worth highlight some functions that allow communication to make some zest. First of all, this results in the possibility of using certain video effects. Moreover, even a window of communication is a three-dimensional pictures of the interlocutors.

Unfortunately, the program mostly counted on making calls to landlines in the territory of the United States and Canada. When transferring files, also found some limitations. It is 25 MB. Quite a bit, given that many programs of this level allows you to send files and much larger.


In conclusion, I would like to say that the features of the application are directly related to the speed of network connection or data transfer. Naturally, it is best to have a connection order of 1 Mbit / sec or higher. It primarily affects the quality of the video transmission. On the other hand, when you first start the program automatically detects the connection itself and sets the optimal mode, depending on the configuration of your computer and connect to the World Wide Web.

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ooVoo - multifunctional and high quality video chat for the operating system Android. This application is a unique least because provides an opportunity to talk via video link with a group up to twelve people, at the same time using both Wi-Fi-connection and mobile networks. The video quality in this program at a very high level.


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