Now you can enjoy YAHTZEE which would be for those who have not played this board game especially because since the arrival of Smartphone gouged the place formerly occupied the evenings to play cards or dice, if we will adapt technology to our daily life we should find the point where they can find, which is why they can file this game is great for kids of all ages, no doubt they will be entertained with all the hours they can spend earning and unlocking different things that will be as rewards for having come so far.

After starting this dice game for Blackberry can easily find the rules before you even begin the first of the levels have ahead, may play against someone you know, if the other person have an Blackberry and this game to compete is they can do and more fun to beat a person to a machine with artificial intelligence.

With Triple Yahtzee duration and fun are multiplied by three!!!

When you get a score, you can decide which of the three columns (x1, x2, x3) to choose. Then, when obtaining the same score, you can choose the remaining columns to maximize your score.

Triple Yahtzee is a combination of skill and luck to score maximum points

Features YAHTZEE For Blackberry

  • Dice roll and Yahtzee sounds
  • Simple interface
  • Touch the dice you want to keep (3 roll for turn)
  • Touch the score you want to apply (x1, x2, x3)
  • High scores saved to top 30 list
  • The final score is displayed as a total number obtained and as index of the maximum
  • Score


in progress:

- online score
- more options
- others game modes

Download YAHTZEE for blackberry just click on this (link) here you will get how to download android apk on blackberry smartphone.