Internet is a medium that has revolutionized the world, but like everything also has some drawbacks, and one of them is that there is a higher risk of being scammed than by any other means. Fraudsters take advantage of the opportunities of the new world and are able to achieve their goals on a large scale; it is therefore important that before you sit at your computer you consider some tips to help you avoid scams on the Internet , pay attention to that we show in this article allpcdownload.

Misleading Advertising

Many of the scams are run by two methods: covert and classified advertising .

Adverts have the largest number of misleading promotions. These ads may advocate losing weight fast and easy, miracle cures or unusual medical devices. Other drive investment plans or "business opportunities".

Disguised ads are the second category and the most difficult to recognize. This surreptitious advertising is on the bulletin boards and discussion forums. Those who contribute to the bulletin board leave links to companies that sell products or services related to the issue of bulletin board. Discussion forums or chat rooms are tools used by some swindlers, without revealing their true interests. These ads may not be obvious, but may seem an objective and open discussion. However, cyber fraud do not stop there.

Auction Web

The auctions are in the top ten Internet scams. If you're looking for a unique object collection or a cheap plane ticket, online auctions can affect you. But before making an offer cyber note how some online auction houses work. Like a traditional auction, the highest bidder wins, that's where the similarity ends. Because an online auction house does not have the goods, the highest bidder deals directly with the seller to complete the sale.

If you are the highest bidder, the seller usually contact you by email to arrange payment and delivery. Most sellers accept credit cards or use a third party service to manage the whole process. Be careful, however, if the seller asks you to pay by certified check or money order. Some online vendors have items for auction, taking the money from the highest bidder and never delivered the goods. Whether it MercadoLibre, DeRemate or eBay. Even the most popular auction sites have recommendations and care you should take to protect yourself from fraud and get a secure transaction.

Online Investment

The investment fraud online comes in many shapes and sizes. A category aimed at the elderly are called "first investment bank". Seniors who depend on interest and dividends are vulnerable to scam artists who promise profits 20 percent to 200 percent or more a year.

Work from home

The promises of safe wealth through road schemes work at home are common on the Internet. The most common scam of such promises that earn money stuffing envelopes, assembling toys or doing crafts.

Typically, the scam occurs as follows: you decide that you want to do and you join. So instead of receiving at home the materials to start work, you get a promo card fraudsters asking you to register by sending a certain amount of money, money that rob you. Even worse with arts and crafts, as you say the quality of your work is not up to their standards and not get paid.

More tips

As with any business, be wary of offers on the Internet and be very selective about using your credit card. The best thing to do is to investigate whether the business is known, find reviews from other customers and, ultimately, use the search engine.