WhatsApp has become one of the most popular applications and successful messaging, but I must say that we all know the odd person who does not want to tell us about this chat. Because Whatsapp is synchronized with the contact list of your mobile phone, just that someone has your number and this app so you can talk, but there is a way to effectively prevent: the blockade . If you want to know how to block a contact on WhatsApp Android read on, because we explain allpcdownload.com.

How To Block A Contact On WhatsApp Android Step By Step

1. To block a contact on WhatsApp on Android this person will not be able to contact you directly via messages or calls offered by this application, however if they are in a group together, you will still receive your messages and this contact yours, for which it is appropriate leaving the groups that match in order to minimize contact.

Also remember that this person has your number and thus can call you or send you a text message without problems, the lock is only Whatsaap.

2. To block a contact on WhatsApp on Android you must enter the application and go to the tab of contacts , there press the magnifying glass icon and type the name of the person you want to block. Once you click on the contact appears as if you were to write.

3. In conversation you must press the three points are in the upper right corner to access the menu .

4. In alternative menu select More to access the option that allows you to block this person.

5. The first option you'll see is Block , press it. The system will warn you that person may not contact you again through WhatsApp messages or calls, give him to confirm and have blocked the contact successfully.

6. But what if you regret? Unblock contact WhatsApp is very simple, just look for it again on the list and keep his name down. The system will make you a notice that reads "Unlock X person" to click on this ad contact is automatically unlocked.