If you're reading this, you're probably sick of receiving notifications in Facebook , go check them with some illusion, and discover that it is another invitation to play Candy Crush , Farmville or Questioned. These invitations, especially if you are not interested, they can be quite annoying, and take even antagonize the person who is sending them. Is there no way to get rid of them? Fortunately, yes. In allpcdownload.com we tell you how to block invitations to games on Facebook.

How to block invitations to games on Facebook Step By Step:

1. Facebook allows you to configure social network of highly targeted and personalized manner, and of course you consider that these notices of invitations to games can be very annoying. The first step to eliminate them is to go to the page Settings Facebook . To do this, click on the inverted triangle dark blue that appears on the top right of the screen and in the dropdown menu, click on "Settings".

2. You'll be taken to the page of general configuration of Facebook . On the left side you'll see a column with a menu where everything that you can set are as follows: General, Privacy, Security, etc. One option you will see, with an icon with a no entry sign is "Locks". Click here.

3. From this page you can manage all the things you want to block on Facebook to stop bothering you. Users, invitations to events, applications, etc. We are interested in the third option, "Block invitations applications" and the fifth "Block Application". If you send friends invitations are only a few applications and have clear who uses the first option, writing in the name field blank.

4. If instead you want to block a particular application, type in what you do not want to know anything in the option "Block Application" . As in the case of friends whose invitations want to block, you can enter all you want.

5. Finally, and completely sure that you never will again disturb these issues, you can also remove the notifications. That is, if a new friend decided to invite one or more games, never receive the notice. To do this, go to Settings, "Notifications". There, click the "Edit" from "Applications and application activity." A list of all applications that you have active will open, so you can uncheck the do not want to receive alerts.