Buy Android applications with PayPal is quick and easy; you can do it even from the computer itself, which is much more comfortable. Of course to do this you must have a PayPal account balance as well as a Google account, in addition to your Android Smartphone must be connected to the Internet to purchase once the end of the game or application is automatically installed.

PayPal Buy Android Applications From The PC

STEP 1 . Go to Google Play Store on your computer using any web browser and search application or game you want to buy. In our case we will buy the application My Beach HD a Wallpaper motion we talked about in our top 5 beaches animated backgrounds .

STEP 2 . After clicking on the " Buy "you must select the device where you want to install the application. Once done click on the button " Continue ".

STEP 3 . Now you must click on the " Add a PayPal account "which will be recorded so you can buy Android applications in Google Play whenever you want.

STEP 4 . In the dialog must specify your Google Wallet currency and the zip code where you live. After you click on the button " Save ".

STEP 5 . You will be then directed to the official PayPal site where you must log in with your user data and confirm the payment by the application.

STEP 6 . After this you just have to click on the " Buy "and almost immediately you've bought the application is automatically installed on your Android phone.

You will receive an email on the email address associated with your PayPal account where you indicate all the details of the transaction.

Buy Android Applications From The Phone

You can buy applications with PayPal on Android Play Store from your phone, but you also have the option of using other forms of payment such as credit card or debit card, even buy the application redeeming a gift card. The steps to follow include:

STEP 1 . Click on the price of the game or application you want to buy.

STEP 2 . Click then on " OK "to grant permissions required by the application.

STEP 3 . On the next screen click on " Buy "and then click" Continue "to download the application via WiFi if it is too large.

STEP 4 . Finally, enter your Google password and then click " Confirm "to make the payment and the application is automatically installed on your Android phone.

How To Buy Android Applications With PayPal On Google Play

Things you should know when buying Android apps

Although it is easy to buy applications on Android Play Store , there are a few things you should consider to avoid any unpleasant surprises, for example:

  • You can only buy games and applications with PayPal in the following countries: Spain, Germany, USA, France, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, New Zealand, Portugal, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden.
  • You only have 15 minutes after you bought the app installed on your phone to return and request a full refund you paid for it. You can not return a game or application more than once.
  • Whenever you buy apps from your Android device you will be prompted for a password to confirm the purchase . This is the same password you use to access Gmail and also serves to prevent accidental purchases.
  • It is important to check that your Android device meets all the requirements that require the application to run correctly. In some cases even if we use a version of Android compatible, the game or application may require very high screen resolution or only work with a certain type of processors.