Now you don't have to buy extra software to capture your preferred moments and enjoyable scenes from videos that you simply see on the internet or perhaps on your computer. Even if you don't have any favorite video moments, you may still develop a massive image library for free of charge by playing videos that you simply uncover and taking still images from their store. Additionally, it does not take any programming abilities to do this. You just need the opportunity to click buttons and draw rectangles on your pc screen.

Instructions For Capturing Still Image From a Video

Step One:

Play a relevant video that consists of enjoyable moments which you want to capture. For example, when the video resides online, visit YouTube and play the video. You can capture a picture from the movie in windows Media Player, launch windows Media Player and play the movie.

Step Two:

Click on the player’s “Pause” button once the video reaches the place that consists an image you want to capture.

Step Three:

Click on the windows "Start" button and type "snipping tool" within the Search area. Click on the Snipping Tool icon, if you notice it within the search engine results list. The Snipping Tool enables you to draw a rectangle around any part of the screen and have a screenshot from the area inside the rectangle. After the window opens, your cursor changes right into a crosshair.

Step Four:

Click on the upper-left corner of the video player, hold down a mice button and drag your mice gradually right and diagonally to perform a rectangle round the video that seems within the player. Don't include areas of the player itself. Draw your rectangle to ensure that it offers just the areas of the scene that you would like to appear inside your taken image. Take it easy concerning the snipping tool window getting into the right path while you’re drawing the rectangle. It vanishes whenever you click on your screen.

Step Five:

Release a mice button. The Snipping Tool window will reappear and display the image you have taken.

Step Six:

Press “Ctrl-S” and type a name for your image within the File Title area. Choose "Save as Type” drop-down menu and choose the file type for the taken image. You may choose between PNG, JPEG and GIF.

Step Seven:

Click “Browser Folders” to see your hard drive’s folders. Navigate the one where you want to save your valuable image.

Step Eight:

Click “Open” and select “Save” in order to save your taken video image in that folder.

By using this tutorial you will get simple to capture image from video. I think you'll find this guide easy and share with your natives and friends.