At the time of writing documents, Word is the word processor for excellence and continuously used although everyone sometimes escape us as small as details correctly select the language in which we write. Note that by default they have set up in the same language as the operating system. That is why in this article we explain allpcdownload step by step how to change the language in Word 2010 so that you have no doubt about it.

How To Change The Language In Microsoft Word 2010 Step By Step:

1. First, you should know that Microsoft Office and, therefore, Word uses as default language who is also predetermined as input language for the Windows operating system. That is why the first thing you have to do is head to the Control Panel to add this new language.

One of the fastest ways to access the control panel in Windows 8 is pressing the right mouse button on the Windows icon on the taskbar and then on 'forms Control Panel '. Also, there are other ways to open the control panel equally valid.

2. Then you must go to the ' Add Language 'which is included in the' Clock, Language, and Region. " In case you've previously added, you can also decantarte by clicking 'Change input methods' to choose what is considered default.

3. So, now you have to add the language in which you want to set your Word; click on the ' Add Language 'and select the one you want to configure. In our case, we will choose the Portuguese for example. Once you find it, it will appear in the list, under which already had as default and you can choose the order of priorities.

4. Then you must open Microsoft Word 2010 and head to the File / Options menu to set the language of this word processor right now. Once the pop-up window opens, you must select from the menu on the left the 'Language' option and add the language you want to use from now on. To the right of the list, you'll see the 'Set As Default' option to mark it as the default language to be displayed. Click the OK button and if you get a warning dialog appears, also confirms that you are sure you want to change the keyboard.

5. At this point, Microsoft Word will alert you of the need to restart the program for the changes to take effect. Thus, you should save the document you are working on and close and reopen Word. That done, you can use your word processor in the new language you have chosen. Likewise.