Have you installed BlackBerry and WhatsApp. You see your contacts and write them private chats but think how you could bring together a number of them in order to send a message to all without having to do it one by one. Read the following steps to do so and in a moment you can communicate with yours quickly, easily and effectively.

How To Create A Group With WhatsApp For BlackBerry Step By Step

1. Sign in applying WhatsApp and you open the main window , you see in the image.

2. Presses the menu button with the symbol of the Blackberry. You will see several options, including that of "New Group Chat" or "New Group Chat" according to the language you have the application or version thereof. Select by pressing the scroll wheel or touch square to accept.

3. It will ask you to write a "Subject" or "Subject". Put the you consider, for example because: "Comrades work" or "Amigas university." This is the name that will appear in your list of Chats later, and forming the group also will see it.

4. You should also write what contacts you want to include. Start typing the letters of the names and appear like the contacts for the selections. Add the ones you want and select "Create" or "Create".

5. The group is added provisionally until others granting the request will be automatically sent to them. You just have to wait and use the contact grouped as any other individual that you use normally.