If you like Windows edit images, add effects and make them more attractive, then we'll show how you can create an image with torn edge in GIMP in just a few steps. The procedure is quite simple and the results are amazing; all you need is to download it from the official website and then follow the steps listed below you.

Steps to create an image with torn edge in GIMP

Once you've installed the program you have to do is open the image that you want to apply this effect torn edge . In our case we have chosen an image of The Walking Dead medium size but the size can be anything.


STEP 1 . Section layer right-click on the image layer and then select the "option Add alpha channel ".

STEP 2 . Then use the rectangular selection tool and make a selection from the area where the ragged edge appears.

STEP 3 . Go now to the " Select "and click on" Distort ". You can leave the defaults or adjust to your liking.

STEP 4 . Once done click again on the "Menu Select "and this time select the" option Invest ". Then press the "key Delete "to remove the selection. (You can also press the CTRL + X keys).

STEP 5 . After this back again to the " Select "and click Reverse. Then go to "menu Filters ", select" Lights and Shadows "and click" cast shadow ". Adjusts the settings to your liking and finally click " OK ".

If you've done everything correctly you will have an image with torn edge like this and if you want you can continue editing the image, add a custom text or just save on your computer.