A function that few people know and use on Mac is the ability to create smart folders . These are folders that are automatically saved all files that meet a set of conditions that you configure. You can save all the pdf in one, those with certain letters in the title, files that occupy more than certain number of megabytes to always know what occupies space, etc. In allpcdownload.com tell you how to create smart folders in Mac.


How to create smart folders in Mac Steb By Step:

1. Create Smart Folders in Mac is easy, especially if you know what you want them. For this example we will create one where all files are saved more than 1GB, but seeing the options is very easy to create other folders. The first step is to open the Finder window and go to File> New Smart Folder.

2. Then open a new window, an empty folder. The cursor is automatically placed in the search engine because it is where you should start setting the folder. You can write a file type the words you want to appear in their name (for example, to find all files that "report" is called), etc. If, as in this case, do not mind the file type or name, click directly on the "+" button under the search field next to "Save".

3. By giving the "+" button, you will see a new toolbar in the window with two dropdown menus, "Class" and "any". Here you'll adjust what files to show on the smart folder. In class you can select "Last openness", "Last Modified", "Date Created", "Name", "File size" and "Other". For our portfolio with large files, select "Size", on the other dropdown, "is greater than". Then say 1 GB. Depending on what you have chosen in the first menu, the second displays related options.

4. We can add all the filters you want by clicking again on the "+" button. For example, if we want it to have the folder are all video files that occupy more than 1GB, add that filter choosing "Class" and "video". And so with all we want to adapt and configuring.

5. Finally, for that folder exists and will be updated with the new files and disappearing, is just click on the "Save" button. You will have to choose a name and where you want to be the folder. Click "Save" again. If you now go to the location you have chosen, you will see your smart folder there, with files that meet the conditions inside.