Are you sick of receiving notifications from someone in WhatsApp ? Do you want to silence him and do not know how? Before it was only possible with group conversations, but after the last update of WhatsApp, now you can also do with a particular person. So do not wait to discover with allpcdownload step by step to learn how to silence a person on WhatsApp for Android.

How To Cut A Person In WhatsApp For Android Step By Step

1. To silence a person on WhatsApp, it will be necessary that we have Android version 2.12.197. Currently, it is still not available in Google Play, so you have to update manually via the web page of the application:

So, you need to click on the green button that says 'Download Now', you accept the permissions requested by the application and wait for WhatsApp will download and update our smartphone.

2. This done, we open the app WhatsApp , access the conversation with the person in question who want silence and click on your name at the top, as if we wanted to see more information about this contact or access media .

3. Once inside the contact information of the person in question, we find an option that will allow us to silence their reporting; for this, you just have to slide the tab to the right.

4. At that time, a pop-out when the same that silenced one group- give you option to choose will appear for how long you want to silence the contact WhatsApp.

Choose from eight hours, 1 week or a year and you can also enable or disable that show you ads. If you will not receive any notification, you must leave the unmarked check. Finally, click on OK.

5. And I did! Now you've got someone in silence WhatsApp and will submit it to the list of chats, where a strikeout on the right side of the conversation speaker or through the contact information appears. In this second way to look, you will see the slip to the right tab colored green and time until you've decided you do not want to receive notifications of the person question.Siempre You can undo this action by sliding back the tab to the left.