Although antivirus play an important role in protecting our computer and all the material, sometimes we may prevent certain actions. It is possible that a file we received email that we have complete certainty that it is safe can not be opened because the antivirus detects it as malicious. To overcome such situations, you need to know how to manage this protection. In explain, in particular, how to disable Mcafee.

How To Disable Mcafee Step By Step:

1. This tutorial will do with a trial version of Mcafee installed on a Mac computer with OS Yosemite. The first thing to do is press the antivirus icon we have in the top toolbar.

2. Then drop down menu that appears, choose the Preferences option, which will give us access to various activities related to the protection program.

3. Of all the options we have available, we will choose the General, to which we have access to the upper left of the window.

4. Now, to change the settings and thus disable Mcafee , we click on the padlock in the lower area and provide the administrator password for the computer.

5. In the next step, we have to go to the section analysis in real time. The option shown with blue background is the one selected, we see that the default antivirus shows On.

6. What interests us in this case, is pressed to Off so that it is like in the picture next to this text. Thus, we will have Mcafee disabled temporarily, without having designational antivirus completely.