If you've got here it is because probably you too have been the victim of an explosion of invitations and requests Candy Crush , the game that has become addictive for many and that is over collapsing tray notifications from Facebook for almost all users this social network. If you're tired of reviewing your profile just to check that a new notification of Candy Crush has reached your inbox, quiet, allpcdownload in this article will tell you how to disable notifications in Candy Crush , forever.

How to disable notifications in Candy Crush Step By Step:

1. The first thing to know is that there are two ways to disable notifications in Candy Crush , the first, if not a member of the game through Facebook. If instead you are Candy Crush player but do not want to receive notifications, then you must disable ads on Facebook and in the game.

2. To disable notifications Candy Crush on Facebook follow these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is go to your Facebook profile and click the notification tray. Once notifications received unfold, look for a match Candy Crush.
  • When you find the notification of Candy Crush, place the mouse on your computer in the top right corner of the notification, right where you visualize an "X". Click the icon "X".
  • Once des click the "X" a panel of options appears: you must select the "Disable".
  • Another window with a message notifying you that never again will not receive any notification of the application is then displayed. Congratulations! You are free notifications Candy Crush on Facebook.

3. But all does not end here. If you are Candy Crush player , but recognize that it is quite tedious to be receiving notifications from all your playmates to ask you lives or help to unlock an episode, you should disable notifications directly in Candy Crush. To do this open the application and follow these steps:

  • Selected, as usual, the option to play and immediately close the window that invites you to send your lives playmates. In the lower left corner you will display an icon nut "Tools". Click it and then press the option off.
  • After selecting the button to turn off you will see that you are in the home screen Candy Crush. There you should select the blue button that says "Disconnect." Once you press it a window will open and you should press "OK".
  • This option allows you to unlink your Facebook profile of your user Candy Crush, so you will not be more aware of the movements of your friends and receive notifications requesting them life or any kind of help.
  • Now if you are completely free of notifications of Candy Crush!

4. If you're tired of notifications of other games, we invite you to read our article: how to block invitations Facebook games , where you will find the step by step effective to get rid of all unwanted invitations to cram your inbox.