The data roaming , better known by all as roaming , is what allows us to be out of our home country can receive calls and messages of all types, ie 100% stay connected. All this sounds wonderful, but the return trip and receive our phone bill just in shock How you may have to pay for this! Indeed have roaming enabled can cost you dearly , so it's best to disable roaming and forget about greater evils. In we explain how to disable roaming on Android in simple steps that will ensure a happy and free trip after expenses.

How To Disable Roaming On Android Step By Step:

1. Disable roaming on Android has several steps which you will ensure 100% not receive any messages or call later may be charged by your telephone operator at high prices. Really worth taking all these provisions to prevent future shocks.

2. To disable data roaming on your mobile Android first thing to do is to enter settings through the nut icon.

3. Once there, click on the option More to access other networks connection alternatives offered by the system.

4. Inside you will find several options, but we are interested to disable roaming on Android is the alternative mobile networks , click on it to continue.

5. Once inside you you must disable the first option you find: Data roaming , which must be completely unchecked as you see in the image. This will prevent any calls from your mobile while you find out, however incoming messages through mobile data , ie WhatsApp, social networking applications, etc., you will keep coming, so also you consume your rate while outside your country of residence, which is costly.

6. To prevent you reach all these messages and notifications it is important that, in addition to disable roaming also deactivate your mobile data to avoid surprises. Android do easily just have to slide your finger across the screen from top to bottom to enter connection shortcuts. There click on the Network icon which contains the name of your wireless carrier, which in the case of the image is Orange.

If you want to do it the conventional way go to Settings / Using data / mobile data.

7. There you must turn off cellular data sliding the button, depending on the version of Android with which you count. Once you've managed to do it and disable roaming on Android and be completely free to receive calls, messages or notifications while you are abroad.

But how do to be moderately connected with your contacts? Very easy, every time you go to a site with Wi-Fi , such as a restaurant, shop, mall and even in public places, you can connect to the available network and then receive all messages and notifications WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network you have on your mobile phone without any risk to charge you more.