The first beta of iOS 9 came to light after his presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple held on Monday. And of course, many users have wanted to check the news in its own terminal . But of course, one thing to tinker a bit and quite another IOS 9 is ready for everyday use. So today we told you how to get back to the previous version.

The betas have always been designed to make a few test the software before it comes to light the final version. They are not full versions and contain faults that little by little they are fixing . And, of course, Apple's operating systems are no exception.

But the desire of many users to be the first to get the new operating system of the apple company make it even download the first beta being released. And check once downloaded, the betas are not made for the real world.


How To Downgrade iOS And Spend 9 To iOS 8.3 Step By Step:

iOS 9 brings many new features , but the installation of the beta is not a good option for iPhone or iPad principal. Besides that sometimes does not work as fluid will the final version, while recognizing that this loss of fluid is minimal, the new operating system will literally eat your phone's battery , plus much heat it. At least in my personal experience, of course. But obviously a beta never give the same result as a final version.

Well, if you want to go back, it is quite simple. The first thing you have to do is download the current version of iOS , which at the time of writing is 8.3, from any Web downloads such as this .

Then you have to open iTunes and connect the device ( assume that before you have installed the beta you will have made ​​a backup ). Well, once connected you have to let down the shift key and click on the 'Restore' button. A window will open and you will choose the operating system that you have just downloaded. Once you have done the device will be restored, all will be removed completely and return to complete the backup made ​​before installing the beta.

So easy it is. If you have done well the backup should be no problems in recovering all that you had before you install the beta of iOS 9. But yes, you are never without problems, so from here we recommend not install beta versions on devices that we use daily.