Wish you could save a conversation WhatsApp on your iPhone and then reelerla anytime? Well you should know that this is possible, and that this instant messaging app lets you download those conversations (including groups) that you want through email. If you want to discover step by step to download WhatsApp conversations on iPhone , you just have to continue reading this article allpcdownload.

How To Download WhatsApp Conversations on iPhone Step By Step:

1. The first step to download WhatsApp conversation in iPhone will locate and open the IM app. In case you do not find in your home screen, a quick way to locate it is to slide the screen down and when it appears the search bar type in it the word "Whatsapp".

2. Once you have accessed the app WhatsApp in the chat section you the list of all your recent conversations appear. Well, you just have to press on the chat of that person you want to save the conversation that you had with her. When you're in the conversation, click on the name of the contact, in the upper central part, to access all the relevant information about it.

3. Clicking on the name of the contact, all the information of that person, your telephone number, the groups that you have in common, their status WhatsApp, etc. will appear and also you see the penultimate option "Send e-chat" , press on it to download the conversation.

4. Once you have pressed on this option, the app WhatsApp will ask if they also want to attach files. In this way, you can choose if you want to attach media files you have exchanged or whether, by contrast, prefer to skip them and not to increase the weight of mail. Choose the option that interests you and remember that if you use more than one email account, you must select by which you want to export the conversation.

5. Then, you will see that will be attached to e-mail a file "txt." which contains the conversation with that contact, and you only have to enter the email of the person you would want to send or your own if you want to download the conversation for you. Once completed, click on the option "Send" and voila! You've got to download a conversation WhatsApp on iPhone.