If some time you notice that your beloved makes Mac running slower than normal, maybe you're just using too much RAM . Going installing applications and have other running in the background, gradually becoming less RAM is free. The good news? You can free RAM and an Apple computer is not difficult. In allpcdownload.com we tell you how to free RAM in Mac .

How To Free RAM in Mac Step By Step:

1. You need to have installed Xcode . To do this, open the Mac App Store and type "Xcode" in the search. Press Enter.

2. It is the first result, Xcode. Click the gray button that says " Free "and then the button" install app ".

3. Enter your Apple ID and click on " Login ". The application will begin to download and can free RAM on your Mac.

4. When Xcode is downloaded, open it, accept conditions, and enter the password for your Mac. The components are installed. When finished, close it.

5. Open Terminal (in Applications or search for it in Spotlight). Type "sudo purge" (without quotation marks) and press Enter. You have to enter your password again and press enter. When your name is displayed again, it is that the process of release of RAM is over.