Mozilla Firefox internet browser has a new download manager. Just in case if you do not like the new download manager, you can go for old download manager. This information will assist you in rebuilding or switching to old Firefox download manager.

Mozilla Firefox 20 is launch with new update, Firefox has introduced newer and more effective changes like per window private browsing (that is awesome), new download manager UI. A brand new button has become situated beside Home button in Firefox, which appears downloads manager, that is integrated with Firefox library (that contains downloads, history, bookmarks - all at one place). Some customers don’t like the new download manager UI. Actually, you should close Firefox and launch it again, after that you should click the download manager button, it will not display your previous downloads. Rather, it’ll display a hyperlink to spread out the library where all of your downloads are listed. This wastes a single click, and for that reason some customers have responded adversely for this update.

Well, if you wish to return to that old style download manager UI, it is simple to do this. Undergo this tutorial Very Carefully.

Stage 1: Start Firefox Browser.

Stage 2: Within the address bar, type "about:config".

Stage 3: Click on the button - you need to be very careful, because page will open with a lot of stuff.

Stage 4: Type  this in searching box - " Toolkit UI".

Stage 5:One preference with the same name will appear. Double click on that Boolean to toggle it’s value from false to true (you need to set the value as true).

Stage 6: Done. Close the tab now, restart it again.

Stage 7: Check whether you’ve reverted to that old download manager, you can experience it by striking on download button situated before home button.

Your old download manager should pop on the screen. Be happy If you face any problem contact us, we will try our level best to solve your quarries.