Skype is a powerful alternative for video calls that can be used by anyone that this software is downloaded regardless of operating system you use on your mobile or computer. Although there are several alternatives today for video calls, as Facetime for Mac, iPhone and iPad, the reality is that Skype continues to thrive among users. If you use often and for some time now you've noticed that contact previously connected always saw no longer appears and doubts if blocked you or not, then it's time to clarify this question. In we explain how to tell if you have blocked Skype once and for all.

How To Know If I Have Blocked Skype Step By Step:

1. No, unfortunately there is a bright giant sign indicating that a contact has blocked you. Nor is there an app to tell you, but what can follow is some of the clues that will give then to detect if a contact has blocked you from Skype .

2. One of the easiest ways to see if a contact has blocked you from Skype is go to your contact list and see how the person you want to check appears. Skype contacts may occur:

  • Online, you will see a check mark in green. If this is the case, contact has blocked you .
  • Absent, you will see a clock in yellow. The user is connected but not available.
  • Busy appear with a red sign ban. The contact is online but does not want to be bothered.
  • They disconnected are not online but you can see a white circle with green edges.

Furthermore you can find a room icon: A question mark . The contacts that are listed as disconnected and can mean two things, or the contact has not yet accepted your request Skype, so you could never talk to him before, or if it has been accepted, have spoken in Last but currently has blocked you .

3. So how do you differentiate between if you have not yet accepted your application or has blocked you ? Very simple, click on this contact you will see that the "Authorization" is pending, as is the case when you are waiting for a user to accept you, but if in the past you've talked with this person and you know you had accepted your request no doubt: this contact has blocked you on Skype .

If in addition to click on the contact you find a phrase that says "Contact X has shared details (your username)", then you can confirm definitively that has blocked you, because at some point accepted your request and now appears as remaining authorization.

4. It goes without saying that if, despite all this you try to call this contact will not get connect and get a message stating that there has been a "call failed" . In addition you will not get your message so it will be impossible to communicate with this contact via Skype.

How To Know If I Have Blocked Skype