Instagram has become one of the most popular and successful social networks, perfect for sharing with friends but also to follow people who do not know, celebrities and celebrities and any place that interests us. Private profiles has minimized the possibility of having followers not interest us, however there is always a possibility that we do not want a contact to follow us, this is when the lock is useful. But how do you know if you have locked in Instagram? , if you believe that any of the people you follow have applied a lock you read on, because how to confirm.

How To Know If I Have Locked In Instagram Step By Step:

1. Unlike Twitter, which clearly indicates that the user has locked us look at Instagram must follow some signs that demonstrate indirectly the situation.

The first step to know if you have locked in Instagram user is searching for his name on the social network, if you do not appear in the results but you know you have not deleted your account this is a clear sign that it is very possible that you has blocked.

2. So how do you determine if it has been dropped from Instagram or you have blocked? Very simple, if you really want to track up to a definitive conclusion must enter Instagram from your computer , there looks to the user, if you find your profile and you can even access it in the event that it is open to the public, then it is clear that you have blocked only the user has done directly from the phone using the app and not from the computer.

3. In addition to viewing their profile from the web you will notice that no longer keep to that user. It is very likely that if you try to follow him can not do it. This proves that the system lock Instagram is quite effective preventing unwanted users from accessing our own.

If this happens there is little to do beyond respect the wishes of those who for whatever reason do not want to sign in to your profile. Note that if you constantly tags to unknown people in your photos or mention in your posts, it is likely that you have become annoying to some users of the network.