Twitter is the social network star to keep us informed about the issues that concern us quickly and timely. But we must understand that not everything that review should be decided please everyone, and some controversial tweets we can generate some blockades by other users. Similarly you can you're following someone who does not want you to be aware of all publications, why have decided to stay out. Wondering how to tell if you have locked on Twitter ?, in we will explain.

How To Know If You Have Blocked On Twitter Step By Step:

1. Some time ago it was not possible to know for sure if someone had blocked you on Twitter, so you had to invoke tracing and intuition to find out.

But now this social network has removed the mask and it is possible to know if you have locked in Twitter directly without the need for any application.

2. It is important to have very clear which user want to know if you have locked it must look directly to your list of followers you follow users or tweet search bar. Once you've located click to access your profile.

3. If a user has blocked you on Twitter by logging on directly profile system will warn you that this person has blocked you and, therefore, can not follow or see their Tweets. This is a tool that provides this network to ensure that users can share information or access publications wishing to completely freely and managing your contacts according to your preference.

4. The good news is that you can do the same with this person, because this person to block you if you want you can still see your publications and the information you share in this social network.