If you have an iPhone and you will change the model or interests you have a backup of your data, your applications and your settings, you have it easy. With the Apple smartphone and account iCloud , you can easily backup and using space in the cloud that the company offers. In allpcdownload.com we explain step by step how to make a backup iPhone.

How To Make iPhone Backup Step By Step:

1.The requirements to to back up your data are:

  • Having an account iCloud , which is free.
  • Have a wi-fi connection.

The first step is to click on Settings to enter change settings.

2. Then, browse down to find the section of iCloud.

3. Once inside, do the same until you find where it says Backup . If marked with No, you are not performing backups of your iPhone automatically. Click to reach the next screen.

4. Now, mark the button next to Copy on iCloud so that it is green, as you see in the picture next to this text, and then down into the place that says Backup now.

5. In the pop-up window will appear, click on OK to perform the backup of iPhone.

6. Then you have to enter the password for your Apple ID. If you have problems with this issue, we recommend that you read this article in which we explain how to recover your Apple ID.

7. If all goes well, then the system will inform you that the backup is being prepared.

8. And finally, it will start the process to make the iPhone backup both your data and your applications and your settings.

How To Make iPhone Backup