If you've spent some time iPhone to Android does not only want to transfer the contacts you have stored on your Apple device to your new or overnight music you have stored in iTunes from one computer to another. The truth is that different situations arise you want to solve.

For some of them we are going to give you how to solve them because, among which can be carried out, are the two that you have named. So do not lose hope to adapt what already had (co referring touches us, music etc ...) and continue to use your new Android device, even in the case of two teams with totally different operatic systems.

Another thing you'll want to move from one terminal to another (or rather, you will need to pass) will all annotations you've made on your calendar or in the task management applications, not just for personal issues, but because mostly they try to notes that deal with professional issues.

You do not worry, because in this article we'll tell you how. That is, you can be tranquil if you follow our instructions, and see how changing iPhone to Android is not anything that will block your life, much less. You just have to know how to pass data from one computer to another. Here we go.

How To Synchronize Calendars Between iPhone and Android

We will see that there are several ways of doing this, and details. For a handful of calendar entries, the first formula you will have will be enough. By using this meted you can pass any calendar entry to your Android device using the same Google Account.

Once the calendar entry (an event, for example) has been passed to your Google Account, that entry will dismissible on all Android terminals in which use the same Google account.

To accomplish this you will not need any iCloud account. All you need is to have a Google account, your iPhone and your Android phone.

Now you will see how you can manually transfer your calendar entries in your Google account:

What you should do first is go to Settings on your iPhone and select Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

If you had already created a Google account on your iPhone previously, simply select your Google or Gmail account and enables Calendars. If you had not created an account yet, you can do the following manrea:

-Selects Add Account, then Google, and Google access your account, your details on the form that you see.

In the process of creating the account you will see a page with options for mail, contacts, calendars and notes. You have to make sure the Calendars option is enabled.

When the available options they ask if you want to keep your calendar on your iPhone instead of deleting them, you must choose this option, do not dispose.

Now returns to the home screen of your iPhone and open the oral application of the Calendar. Tap on the calendar event you want to transfer. You can view the details of each of the events you want to spend, each time you choose one.

It is now Calendar from Menu. On the next page, tap on your Google or Gmail account. Make sure you see a check mark next to the name of your Google account. This step is the one that makes the phone to save the event in the calendar that you selected.

After the phone synced, you should see the event that you have already passed on your Android device in its application Calendar.

This method you've detailed it is very easy to perform, but will only serve you if there are few elements, the events you want to transfer from one computer to another. If the Calendar of your iPhone has a lot of appointments that you want to transfer to your Android calendar, you'll need another way to pass them.

A Second Option

And now let's see what other method that you can spend all those calendar events from your iPhone to your Android as are many. But to do this, you'll need an account with iCloud.

iCloud has a calendar sharing function that allows Apple users to share them with other users of the Apple operating sitemap. This is similar to the way that Google lets you share your calendar with other Google way.

This same feature in iCloud calendar sharing is what you're going to be able to use this second method. This method can be more devious, but with it you can transferring your nonevents and appointments to your Google Calendar once.

To use this method, you need to create and activate your iCloud account on your iPhone. You will also need a desktop or laptop computer browser (such as Firefox or Chrome), a Google account and your Android phone.

We will see then how to use this method to make such export-import your calendar entries from iPhone to Android:

  • First, you must go to menu adjust your iPhone and there select E, Contacts , Calendars.
  • Then select Add Account and creates a centaur access iCloud or you already have created.
  • Let your iPhone sync your files with iCloud.
  • In the browser on your computer, open www.icloud.com and access tuy iCloud account.
  • Calendar enters the symbol and open the interface thereof.
  • On the left side, click on the button Share Calendar, next to the calendar you want to export.
  • In Vedanta that opens, select "Public Calendar". Copy the URL that you see displayed on the bottom.
  • In a new browser tab, copy the URL that you found anterior.
  • Webcal changes in the URL http and press Enter to open the web.
  • Your browser will now download a file with a random filename characters. This file is actually a copy of the entries that you have in your iCloud calendar.
  • Save the file to a folder on your computer. For convenience, you'd better change the name and add the .ics extension.
  • Open your Google calendar and access it in your web browser.
  • On the left side of the interface of Google Calendar, click on the menu arrow to the right of Other Calendars.
  • Select Import Calendar.
  • Select the file you downloaded from the exported calendar iCloud. You can also choose the destination Google calendar you want, in case you have more than one.
  • Click the Import button to load the file. Once you have imported, you should see imported into the Google Calendar web interface entries. New entries you make will also be synchronized to your Android disposition.

This method gives you an easy way to transfer everything you iCloud calendar to your Google account. Of all forms, it is a system of one direction: that means not synchronize your calendars iPhone and Android, which means that no new entries you make in iCloud to your Android calendar, or will not remove you delete . If you want any of these things happen, you must follow the process that we've detailed again.

This second ssistema we've told you is perfect if you're going to do is to completely abandon definitely spend your iPhone and Android, a new operating system device and no longer manage your iPhone. But siu what you want is to use both computers, iPhone and Android, it is best to use a system that synchronize both teams.

A specific app

Fortunately, there is one application SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar, with which you'll be able to do. Allows you to generate an iPhone-Android connection to perform uina instant synchronization of calendars iPhone to Android, but not in the opposite direction. In this way, we will have to export data, download files, upload or import web-based interfaces. Simply you need to download the application, and you can configure and manage it.

You can download the application from the Google Play Store, which will cost $ 3 (2.55 euros), which seems a reasonable price for giving us this application: rapid synchronization without difficulty your calendar data Android iPhone to your computer.

To use the application, download it, open it and access your iCloud account within it.

Then select which calendars to iCloud want to synchronize with your Android device. Tap Finish to complete setup and start the synchronization.

Once the connection is active and you set everything correctly, and while your iCloud account on your iPhone is active, any changes you make to the calendar on your iPhone will automatically be reflected in your Adnroid device.