Want to know exactly how much battery you have left your iPhone? In iOS mobile devices can see the percentage of battery right next to the icon itself, which is useful to know how much battery power you have and prevent your phone is turned off leaving you completely incommunicado. If you want to enable this functionality but do not know exactly how, notes the steps in this article allpcdownload on how to put the percentage of battery in iPhone.

How To Putting The Percentage Of Battery On iPhone Step By Step:

1. Make the battery percentage is visible on the home screen of your iPhone is simple. First, click the icon 'Settings' (gray gear icon) even access the mobile panel settings. In the case of not locate the application "Settings" in the home screen, you can slide the screen down with your finger and write the word "adjustments" in the search bar.

2. Once in 'Settings', you a long list of options appears to change the settings of your mobile device. Well, you should slide the screen down to find the option 'General' (a gear icon gray) and press on it.

3. Are you in 'General'? Perfect! To reach all options for configuring aspects of battery, you must click specifically on 'Use' . There also will find information stored and the space occupied by each of the downloaded applications.

4. Once you have entered a 'use', just below the 'Battery use' functionality you see 'Battery Percentage' and to enable it, you only have to slide the button to the right. Automatically, you will see that this option will now appear in green.

5. After all these steps, the percentage of battery longer visible on your home screen right next to the battery icon in the upper right. It's that simple! Thus, you will not have to calculate how much battery eye and you have to use your phone without worrying about eating it.

How To Putting The Percentage Of Battery On iPhone