If we add what we can achieve with Google Chrome and what is contributing increasingly, the assistant Google Now, we have in our device a huge potential that get juice to megabuscador tools. But, as in all areas, there is always a gap unfilled, which in this case is the user himself who detected him using their own smartphone.

The synchronization between the different applications and programs Google is perfect and brings incredible value to our Android platform, but what if we receive notifications on your mobile computer also came to us? That, no doubt, close the circle, do something almost perfect system from the user point of view.

And we are often working on the computer, concentrate, and no time to be distracted by mobile, or maybe you have left in your bag, or what we put in silence, or have loading elsewhere.

We will tell you how you can bridge that gap that the Mountain View are left. To do this, what you need are two free tools that will add notifications to your Chrome browser. I go to the store Chrome (Chrome Webstore) and looking at it the extension of Chrome Android Desktop Notifications .

Once installed onto your computer, go to the Google Play Store and download the app corresponding to the same program. You will see that, having carried out both facilities, must synchronize your computer with the phone, to share the notifications reach it.

To do this, you click on the symbol Notification of Google you have put on the right side of the navigation bar on the computer, and a window in which you request the alphanumeric code to execute synchronization opens.

The code we have in mobile, in the same screen that will enable this functionality.

To activate the system send notifications phone to your computer, let's take the following steps:

1. First, we will go to the Play Store, as noted above, and we will download Android Desktop Notifications, which is the app you need to match both teams.

2. Once downloaded the application, entered it and see the option to activate notifications. We do and, but always on the same screen, see the alphanumeric code that gives us the system to synchronize both devices.

We will see that where we are to turn this phone settings themselves in the Accessibility - Services.

Now, what we will do is send a test notification, with the function to see in this app you just installed on your phone.

We will see a small window opens up, on the computer screen, which shows the title and content of it.

But all this can tune more, as we can tell this notification system that only works, for example, when your phone is connected to a wireless network, which will prevent such shipments data tortoise consume megabytes of our mobile line.

We are going to establish this, the app and touch on Settings, you'll see at the top right of the display. Upon entering we see some general settings, which have Wifi Only (the mark if we want to use the system only through a wireless network).

We, too, with some further specification, as Title + Content , which means it will send us the title and content of the notification that makes us reach the computer in question, as well as some other function with which you can enable or disable WhatsApp notifications, calendar etc.

We have come full circle we talked. And no matter if we are at home working and have the phone in his jacket, or even if we would have left the office ... The notifications will get us to the computer. In addition, we found that shipping is virtually instantaneous, and only takes a few seconds to get from one device to another, from the time you receive the phone.

It's great, and we will not take a call we had put on our calendar of Google in the mobile. Even we lose important calls because the missed call notification will also come to us in the small window that shows this application.

By the way, that window of warning, that makes a little sound (unless it us disable) the schedule so that it can display 3, 7 seconds, 10 ... so we can still adapt the warning system more our tastes.


Do you read all your phone showing?

Once our notification system on the computer is activated, we encountered a small problem on our smartphone: every time we play the home screen, the phone reads aloud the icons we touch, and at first could not find a way to turn off the sound.

We had not linked this fact with the installation of this notification service, but we finally found it does have direct relationship. What happens is that if you activate notifications in the area of ​​security of our mobile, it understands that voice must notify some other things. Nor is it designed the system so that we are using the smartphone, precisely because we will use when we're at the computer.

In conclusion, we must disable sending notifications to your computer when we go to use the phone, because otherwise you will be constantly read icons or actions that make the touch screen itself.