What's WhatsApp is so common that is already part of our lives, at least of all those who handle it daily and, why not say, with intensity. And therefore, any doubts that assault us on this application is more important, even, than any other question of normal day to day. WhatsApp what has already become a matter of state for each of us.

Therefore, there are circumstances that we are sometimes running this application, we know not solve. Some are minor and other more "serious" as it can be. Who has not ever wanted to recover a conversation that has been lost to us because the delete without realizing or because we think we might need later? If you have not had the need, soon you could submit ...

Most, if you have not consulted anyone who knew how to retrieve a conversation, will have given up, as if from the computer screen you send a file to the Trash and then empty.

In this case there is no trash, at least we do not see, and can we invader question is where will that remove in WhatsApp?

You do not worry, because you know that everything has a solution. At least, almost everything, and this eventuality is not, despite appearances, a serious problem. It is much easier to solve than we could have imagined.

How To Recover Deleted Messages On Whatsapp

WhatsApp platform makes daily backups of your data and stores ... in your own phone !. Why it not is going to be very difficult to retrieve the latest chats with the simple method of uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

We explain step by step:

WhatsApp to uninstall your Android device you can go to your computer or do it from the same mobile. If you want from your computer in Google Play Store application, you indicate that you have installed on your phone and from there it can give the order to be uninstalled. Once uninstalled (just are a few seconds), reapplies for installation from the button you'll see to it.

Restores history

Once the system has reinstalled the app, it will ask you if you want to restore your message history from the Backup and Restore touches on all your chats will be back there.

Lost oldest chats

But if you want to chat sel regain on the phone is something older, and have found that is not in those who now had recovered, what you should do is get a previous backup. In the phone memory card backups of the last seven days are stored.

To locate the file that is we can use a specialist manage files within the mobile application. You can use one as Astro File Manager, and seek with her ​​backup folder WhatsApp. It is on this path: / sdcard / WhatsApp / database .

We can also make this process ourselves looking for the folder in the phone. So we must first go to "My Files" and follow the path of the folders and subfolders to give this to you indicate.

Once you locate, you will find the backup of day you want (remember to be a day of the last seven) You must rename and change of "mgstore.db.crypt" for the new "msgstore- 2012-12-30.1.db.crypt " (The date you see on numbers within the first denomination is figurative, and should be the day you were looking for).
To make this name change, you will see that the application you use to guides you manage the files without problems.

How to recover deleted messages Whatsapp

When you reopen the application, after reinstalling, we will ask if we want to recover the previous messages. Of course, I say yes, and we see that the process takes just a couple of minutes.

You see that if you wanted a particular conversation last week that you had removed, you will not have problem back.

What we have noticed is that when returning to Whatsapp, after you have uninstalled and reinstalled, the conversations you've been having today in this way are now cut. This is because WhatsApp has made the process between a backup and another and today history had still not saved. Consequently, if you have written or received a message today and you have eliminated even today, Whatsapp not be saved, because chances are you have not made a backup in that space of time. A minor issue if you could find the messages you were looking for, but must take into account.