Try accessing your Dropbox account but it is impossible because you have forgotten your password. And now that? Did you lose any information that you had stored in the cloud? Of course not! This service storage lets you reset your password in a very simple way. If you want to know all the steps on how to recover the password for Dropbox , do not miss this article.

How To Recover Password For Dropbox Step By Step:

1. The first thing you need to do to recover your password Dropbox will go to the website by typing the address into your web browser:

Once there, you must click "Login" to find the registration button below.

2. Then, instead of entering your data -because you do not remember the password-must press the phrase "Forgotten Password? " in order to start the restore process.

3. At this time, you are asked to enter the email address with which you signed high in Dropbox and you made ​​the record. Write it, making sure it is correct; otherwise, the system will indicate an error.

4. At this time, you'll see a message at the top of the screen confirming to sent an email so you can recover your password Dropbox. So you must go to your mailbox and find this e-mail; if you can not find it, look at the spam folder or junk mail if you got there.

5. Open the email that has come to you and click on the blue button "Reset Password". From there you will be redirected back to the Dropbox website and rhinestones about to recover your password.

6. Finally you just have to choose a new password for Dropbox in order to access your account and continue using services cloud storage.

7. When you have written and confirmed the new password , automatically your Dropbox folder will open and you can do whatever you want. From now on, you must use the new password to log into Dropbox and remember not to forget!