If you want to access from your Mac device to iTunes to buy or download applications, or enter iCloud, the system will ask for an ID and password, the same you provided when you created your Apple account. But surprise! you have no idea what, and amid so many usernames to memorize it seems you do not remember. Fortunately this small setback has solution, allpcdownload.com we explain how to recover your Apple ID quickly and effectively.

How To Recover My Apple ID Step By Step:

1. The quickest option to get your user is visiting the web My Apple ID. Here you must select the "Manage your Apple ID", marked with a red box in the image.

2. At this point the system will ask you if you forgot your ID or password. Click the "Forgot your Apple ID?" to continue the process. Press the button below.

How to recover my Apple ID 2

3. Then the system will ask you to provide three basic information: name, last name and current email address that continuous use. In addition and if you remember, you can enter up to three previous addresses to facilitate the work of locating your ID. After completing the form press the button below.

How to recover my Apple ID 3

4. To recover your Apple ID you can choose between two alternatives: to authenticate your login by email or answer the security question that you yourself chose to create your account at Apple. Choose the one that best suits you and continue with the process.