What that Facebook notify you of the birthdays of your friends is very handy, but since it also sends you notifications thing has become somewhat annoying. At the end of the day, many of our contacts in the social network are not as important as we really need to ring us mobile if it is your birthday people. Is it possible to stop receiving these annoying ads? Good news: it is possible and easy. In allpcdownload.com tell you how to remove notifications birthday on Facebook.

How To Remove Notifications Birthday On Facebook Step by Step:

1. To stop receiving notifications birthdays of your Facebook contacts have to change some settings on your account. To do this go to Settings by clicking the dark blue inverted triangle in the upper right corner of the screen. It will open a menu where you have to select "Settings".

1.Removing birthday notifications on Facebook

2. The page setup is the center from which you can fully customize your experience on Facebook. In the menu on the left you'll see the different categories that you can configure: General (You're there by default), Security, Privacy, Biography and labeling, Locks, Notifications, Mobile, Followers, etc. Click on "Notifications" to eliminate birthdays.

2.Removing birthday notifications on Facebook

3. After clicking Notifications in the central part of the screen you will see all items for which you can receive notices and controls to enable or disable them (besides the means by which you receive notifications). Under "Notifications that you receive," seeks "Birthday". You'll see that next says "Activated". Click on the right where it says Edit.

3.Removing birthday notifications on Facebook

4. Section Birthday opens so you can select whether you want or not to receive notifications. Click the button that says "Activated". A small drop-down menu, where you must select "opens Cleared ". The new settings are saved automatically. You will not receive notifications for birthdays of your contacts!

4.Removing birthday notifications on Facebook