The Apple Watch ensures an autonomy of 18 hours, depending on what we give, the OLED screen, the S1 processor, the 205 mAh battery, the Bluetooth Low Energy and its operating system are designed to conserve battery actually be able to withstand 1,000 cycles of charge to 80% capacity, but at the end of the day we always have to reload.

If you're reading this article, you probably already have purchased this fabulous wearable, you're thinking about it, or did you order charge. Below we offer a list of tips and tricks to save battery in your sleek new Apple Watch.

How To Save Battery On Your Apple Watch

To make your  Apple Watch will "go to bed" every night at the same time you do it, you should be careful about how you use. And to do nothing better than to follow some tips like these that allow you to  save battery  and extend the daily life of your fantastic watch.

1. Notifications active only you really need . You really need to be notified of all the apps that you have installed? Think it not only will spend battery with sound and vibration notifications, you can also back "half crazy" by continually receiving a notice after another, really, they do not interest you much.

2. Adjust the brightness of the screen.  As you do with your iPhone, it is often not necessary to bring the screen brightness on your butt  Apple Watch . From the Clock app in settings, brightness, you can choose three levels, use at least the intermediate level, and even the minimum if you are staying long hours in a space where you do not need more. Use the maximum brightness just when you need it and so you can save battery power .

3. Layers, layers and more layers . Like the iPhone, the interface of  Apple Watch features that can allow us to see what is behind, for example, notifications. If you say goodbye to this option actually is merely a "decorative effect, you can  save battery power . To do this go l Settings Accessibility Reduce transparencies menu.

4. Power saving mode.  Your  Apple Watch  alerts you if you want to activate when the battery level reaches 20% but you can activate anytime. Imagine that you're going to be a couple of hours in the cinema, in a meeting or on an airplane, and so fail to activate  save battery .

5. Heart rate sensor . If sport is not your thing or you are very interested to control your biorhythms, it might be better to disable the optical sensors which every ten minutes take note of your heartbeat spending your watch battery.