If you have submitted a PDF file to your email, or need to download a document in this format you've found on the net and want to save it to your iPhone, in the following article allpcdownload we show you all the steps necessary to achieve it. In this way, you'll save PDF files in iPhone and read them or work with them on your phone anytime and anywhere where you are. Notes the process detailed below and you'll see it's much easier than you imagined.

Saving PDF files on iPhone Step By Step

1. To save PDF files on iPhone , we use iBooks is Apple's official application to read ePub and PDF files on your device. In some versions of iOS, iBooks is already installed, but if this is not your case must download it from the App Store. To do this, open the App Store, press on the magnifying glass that says "Search", type in the search bar the word iBooks and see that you can download for free. Once downloaded, this app will appear on your home screen.

2. We start by showing you how you can save a PDF file that you found on the Internet. To do this, you just have to open "Safari" and locate the document in this format you want to get. Once you've found it, open it and automatically you an interface in which the options "Open in ..." appear and indicate "Open in iBooks" , click on the latter.

3. Once you have clicked on "Open in iBooks", the PDF document will open in iBooks and will be stored in the "library" of this app so you can read it and consult anytime. When you open the PDF file, you can search for specific words, index pages, go to the page that interests you and even offers an option to print or mail.

4. Now, let's see what steps you need to follow to save a PDF file in iPhone which is attached to an email . The process is very simple, first go to your inbox and open the email in which the document is in PDF and click on the attachment.

5. Once you have opened the PDF file at the top right of the screen will appear the icon "Share" indicated with a square and an arrow inside blue. Click on this icon to perform the next step.

6. Perfect! Now, a new window will appear with multiple options to share the document, among them must click on the one that says "Open in iBooks" indicated by an orange square with a white open book. As you can see, from here you also have the possibility of sending the document by post, mail, and copy or print.

7. So easy, now you've saved your PDF file on your iPhone and will appear located in the "Library" of the iBooks app, tab so that you can consult when you want a practical and convenient way.