We sometimes get encounter error 500 after attempting to update wordpress to some more recent version. When such error happens, the leading page from the website and admin panel cannot be utilized normally because wordpress continues to be within the maintenance position.

All webpages are blank and error message above seems. This error usually happens in wordpress with a lot of plugins inside it. How can you solve this issue? Never be confused. First factor you need to do is crippling all wordpress plugins using FTP after which removes status “maintenance mode“ by getting rid of .maintenance file, then attempt to update again when the previous update is unsuccessful. Listed here are more detail steps:

how-to-solve-505-error-after-updating-wordpress-65416511:   Open the FTP program after which visit the folder wordpress-content

2:   Within the wordpress-content folder there's a folder known as plugins. Relabel plugins to become plugins.hold

3:   In the end plugins are non-triggered, visit the base directory (directory or folder that consists of wordpress-content, wordpress-admin, etc) of the website.

4:   Remove .maintenance file

5:   WordPress wouldn't be in maintenance mode again, attempt to look at your wordpress version by opening page yoursite.com/wordpress-admin/update-core.php

6:   When wordpress is up-to-date most abundant in recent versions, start to step 7. But, if wordpress is not up-to-date most abundant in recent version, then attempt to update again. I am certain the wordpress update process will run easily this time around without error because all plugins are disabled.

7:   Visit wordpress-content folder after which relabel plugins.hold into plugins to reboot all of the plugins.