If you are tired of using the trackpad on your laptop but do not have any extra mouse, or simply has run out of batteries like the mouse you normally use with your computer, do not despair. There is an ingenious solution and you can bail out: what if you used your smartphone mouse? Of course, it will be a wireless mouse, but it is more than possible ... and quite easy! In allpcdownload.com tell you how to turn your Android smartphone into a computer mouse.

How To Turn Your Android Smartphone Into A Computer Mouse Step By Step

1. To make your Android device can become a mouse for your computer will have to download a specific app, RemoteDroid . To do this, go to the Play Store, search for "RemoteDroid" (without quotes) and follow the steps to download and install on your mobile device. Do not open yet.

2. After installing RemoteDroid on your smartphone, you'll need to also install on your computer desktop version, so phone and computer to communicate and understand what their new relationship. Go www.remotedroid.net and download the program by clicking on the button that says " Download Server App " . You already have two devices with everything they need.

3. On your computer, extract the zip file you've downloaded by double clicking on it. Then, go to the folder that was created and locate the file RemoteDroidServer.jar . Double click on it so that the application server is started. A window will show a series of data is displayed: IP address points

4. Go back to your Android device and search for the app RemoteDroid in the application list. Open it by clicking on it. You will see a blank on that says "IP address below". Copy it numbers the IP address you copied to launch the application on your computer and click the "Connect" button. Wait a few seconds until the connection is established.

5. When PC and smartphone are connected, you will see on the phone screen interface that will tell you how you can use your phone to control the computer. Besides a place to use as a touchpad , you'll have the equivalent to the left and right mouse buttons. The app also allows you to open a keyboard and write directly from the device.