Constantly your smartphone or tablet Android updated without the ask and you can not use it until it has completed the upgrade, right? Although we know that it is necessary to keep the software up to date, always more practical than we ourselves who decide when updated. So in this article we explain in detail allpcdownload disabling automatic updates in Android.

How To Turn Off Automatic Updates In Android Step By Step

1. Speaking of automatic updates in Android , we refer to new versions of applications you have installed on your device and not the operating system updates itself. And that is to run the latter always permit is requested, as also required to be connected to the wi-fi network, as we explain in our article about how to update Android.

So, first thing you should do is access the Play Store and once in the home screen, access the settings through the three horizontal lines you see on the top left, or sliding your finger across the screen to the left- the menu to appear.

2. Next, you must go to 'option Settings 'that is located in the end zone of the Play Store menu and click on it. This will take you to the customization options and settings of your application store, and once there you'll have to click on the first option: " Automatically update ".

3. So, at this time, you must change the settings on Android when your applications are updated . Until now you had to have selected one of the latter two options, namely, that always or only updated with wi-fi, so it should now make a first choice to not be updated without your permission.

4. Similarly, within the category of ' Notifications 'you will find two options:

  • Updates available: you will be warned in time when new versions of your apps become available.
  • Auto Update: You get notifications if the apps are automatically updated.