The smartphones not only allow us to stay connected no matter where we are to gain access to our social networks, email and do any internet search we need, but it also brings us closer to various technological advances such as the useful GPS . And is that if you are lost or do not remember how to get to a specific location, simply remove your phone, turn location and use Google Maps to get where you want quickly and without mistakes. Would you like to enjoy this opportunity but do not know how to activate the GPS on Android ? Keep reading because we explain

How To Turn The GPS On Android Smartphones Step By Step:

1. Enable GPS on Android is very simple and will take just a second. There are two ways to do it: Start the application on the desktop of your smartphone and open it from there, or use the shortcut that is in Android and is available from the software version of Lollipop. We will explain two ways for you to choose the one that best suits you.

2. To use Android GPS is essential to our asset location system that will work with mobile data network or Wi-Fi to provide information about our current location and the best way to get where we want. To activate the location you must first go to Settings , icon of the nut.

3. Once adjustments, you can click down to staff and the first choice location .

4. To turn location just slide the button to indicate whether, in case you have another version of Android just mark the check box to activate it.

5. Okay, your smartphone is already able to give you all the information you need to move you from one point to another, now we just need to enter the GPS.

Android tends to group all Google-related applications, such as Google Maps, in a unique shortcut to access them more simply. To find your GPS app you must press this shortcut whose icon is called Google, as you see in this picture. In case you do not have this shortcut you simply place in your desktop application called Maps .

6. If you have entered through Google icon, select the option of Maps from the group of apps available.

7. Ready! You're inside Google Maps and because the location on your mobile device and you can use the GPS and get where you want previously activated. Remember to find directions on how to move you from one point to another must press the icon of the blue arrow is at the bottom right, there you can put the address of your location and destination point and follow the prompts to reach.

8. If you want to turn your location in a much simpler way then you can use the shortcut available from Android version Lollipop. On the home screen of your smartphone simply swipe down and be able to access the system shortcuts, there you must click on the icon to activate location immediately, then you only need to access Google Maps for navigation.