Users of Windows Phone are also fans and lovers of the operating system: insurance that since Microsoft introduced a few months ago the new version, Windows Phone 8.1 , you sleep not thinking about the day that comes to updating your phone . What if we told you that that day can be today? The company launched Windows Phone 8.1 for developers, but the good news is that anyone can install it on your smartphone. How? In we explain how to update your Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone.

How To Update My Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone Step By Step:

1. The first step is to register as a developer of Windows Phone . To do this, go to and click "Sign In" (top right)

2. Enter your account information from Microsoft and click "Login".

3. Microsoft will ask if you allow AppStudio access to your information. Click on "Yes".

4. Enter a username, your email address, check the box and click on "Register". Already a developer!

5. On your smartphone, go to the app store (icon of a bag with the Windows) and search for " Preview for Developers ". Click "Install".

6. When installed, open the app. You'll have to sign in with your Microsoft account, with which you just made developer.

7. Activate the "Enable Preview for Developers" box and click "done".

8. Go to Settings> Update your phone and checks for updates. Windows Phone 8.1 have already waiting for you!