Friends some time we throw the old one and go towards new material, the reason of doing such thing is that we get bored by using same thing everyday and we feel the need of new things or it can has many other reason such as it may be got destroy or exploitation issue, same thing occur with our PC and with windows. .In this tutorial I try to provide you simple and easy method how to uninstall window 7 from your PC. As every one is well known that without any operating system computer can't run. So if your uninstalling any operating system you have to give that install another operting system such as XP, etc.

Uninstall Window 7 From PC By Following Steps

1 : As i written above for un-install any operating system you need to install another operating system. so place OS Compact disc and restart your computer. After computer get start you will see one massage before you i.e " Press any Key to boot from CD or DVD....". Follow to the instruction.


2 : Just Follow  all method Step to step. In additionally, you will need to erase the all items from the C drive.

3 : Once you go into the setup, the compact disc will stock up a blue screen of setup and can start loading operating system files (this may take couple of minutes).

4 : After loading setup you will see the option , “To set up Windows XP now, Press Enter ” .

how-unistall-window-7-from-your-pc-1646165 : “The windows License Agreement” user. Accept this complete lengthy agreement, you need to press F8 to simply accept the agreement.

how-unistall-window-7-from-your-pc-65416461636 : After accepting the license agreement, now you will redirected to partition step.

7 : Remove old partition and format it. At this time, you have to choose the partition where you'd rather install windows XP. This is when you'll remove your partition, and format C: drive. shows all of your drives and also the partitions that presently available in your hard drive. Make use of the Up and Lower Arrow key now just focus on and choose your “C:” partition, and press the “D” key. On the next screen, press the ‘L’ key, to verify that you would like to remove partition “C:”, and finalize the deletion from the partition.

how-unistall-window-7-from-your-pc-646468 : To Proceed installation you have to select drive where you can install windows. First Create the proper partition and start proceed further for installation.

9 : Using the next screen that's displayed, the Format screen, the setup program enables you to pick the file system you want the drive to become formatted with. Choose NTFS (New Technology File System)“Quick” (suggested because NTFS is quicker and much more secure). Make use of the arrow key to choose, strike Enter.

10 : Setup will begin to, and can auto-format the “C:” partition, and begin with windows XP installation. Came from here, you're ready, and installing of windows will proceed. This can take sometime. The computer will reboot several time, and can continue installation. Don’t remove windows XP setup Compact disc.

how-unistall-window-7-from-your-pc-6264561611 : For those operating system version the procedure is going to be similar.

how-unistall-window-7-from-your-pc-6596166After that set up will automatically proceed Just follow the steps

how-unistall-window-7-from-your-pc-65484616Then, after set your time and date

how-unistall-window-7-from-your-pc-6564616After a while your XP is sucessfully install on your PC, just don't do any thing let your OS to Set your desktop resolution automatically

sHope you understand this tutorial How To Unistall Window 7 From Your PC share this guide with your friends also.