360 Total Security is an interesting integrated solution that combines the capabilities of anti-virus and system optimizer. Frankly, applications such as 360 Total Security, are rare. Apparently, the developers of the software product 360 Total Security decided to reconcile the irreconcilable. And I must say, they succeeded best. Of course, the program features 360 Total Security is not unlimited, but something interesting here, after all, is.

Key Features Of 360 Total Security

To get started is to say that the application 360 Total Security works apart with five engines, among which, the most famous, important and sets the tone of the work is Avira and Bitdefender. It is on these technologies and built all of the work in terms of the system scan for viruses or malware.

As for the protection, this proactive scanning, which uses not only the main engines, but QVM II cloud technology and 360 Cloud. With regard to the latter, so if someone does not understand, scanning and protection of files in cloud storage. Situation appears quite extraordinary. The user does not need to follow even for those that are in the cloud.

No less interesting looks and applied technology, the so-called "sandbox", namely the Sandbox. The fact that the program 360 Total Security allows you to run almost all applications except the system, in an isolated environment that has absolutely no effect on the state of the system as a whole. In other words, if you run any application using this function, even after the virus Crush or operating system does not suffer.

Developers, as it turned out, did not stop there and added to the program 360 Total Security powerful optimizer. It is clear that for most users is suitable cleaning debris from the computer or the acceleration of the system, so to speak, in a single click. For the more experienced PC users provided the advanced mode, where you can specify your own settings, to make an exception and etc.

The only thing that raises some doubts, it is the size of the program 360 Total Security. To install it, will require about 600 MB of free disk space, even though the system requirements, as by modern standards, quite modest. It takes only a 512 MB RAM and a processor with a clock speed of at least 1.6 GHz.


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