4Videosoft Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful video conversion program. With it, you can change the format of various files, and can make simple edits, cut parts of the recording, improved image quality and even add 3D effects in them.

Doing so, in turn, is quite simple. First, you can add videos from a variety of sources - be carrying part of a movie disc at "Load Disc", opening a file with the "Add File" or downloading something directly from services like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Then just make the edits with the tools "Video Enhance", "Clip", "3D" or "Edit" and your video will be ready to be properly converted.

It remains only to finally set the new video format and click the "Convert" button so that in seconds (or minutes, if the original file is really large), the converted file is ready for use.

Formats for all tastes

Do you want to convert a video to watch on your PC, lower quality to make it lighter or even get it ready to run on most unusual platforms such as a Zune, their game consoles or even to a specific cell type of Samsung, something ready to be used in video editors or display in 4K? No matter, because the Video Converter Ultimate is prepared for it.

This is one of the highlights of the program: it is able to convert your videos to an unbelievable number of profiles. To do this, simply click on the "Profile" option, choose one of the hundreds of "platforms" and set a desired levels of quality and resolution offered in the list.

As for those who want an even more personalized option, the secret is to go on the "Settings", right next to the "Profile". In the window that opens, you can combine the various settings (including using other profiles as a base) to get the perfect result for your needs. If desired, you can still save this item as an own profile, so you do not need to redo the whole process the next time.


Features Of 4Videosoft Video Converter Ultimate

There is no denying that the 4Videosoft Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best possible first impression for a gender program. Thanks to its stylish interface and well-organized tools, it is easy to identify the use of each tool and navigating the software. It helps a lot the fact that the developer put a simple step by step just in the application opening.

Of no use to have a looker and does not work properly, of course. Fortunately, this is not the case of this program: in our tests, the application worked with lightness, converting the files in a few seconds. The resulting videos also managed to maintain its quality within expectations, since the size difference was not too great.

His strongest point, in turn, is for its huge range of possibilities in conversion formats - especially the hundreds of available profiles. In short, regardless of the type of extension you want, 4Videosoft Video Converter Ultimate is ready for it.

When the limitations end the joke

All this, however, just going down the fault of the limitations of the trial version of the program. While it is undeniable that the program works well, there is no point when, in the best of possibilities, you can convert only five minutes of video; let alone then being limited to only convert one half of a file at a time if it has a short duration.

Thus, for best 4Videosoft Video Converter Ultimate is, it is only worthwhile if you are willing to invest $ 60 of their paid version. Otherwise, its limitations make it simply not worth it.

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