Ad-Aware Free Internet Security is software that is designed to protect computers from potential threats, unsolicited advertising and malware that are found on the Internet or contained in a file that is uploaded.

The Main Features Of Ad-Aware Free Internet Security

Ad-Aware Free Internet Security, in fact, are not Antivirus, sometimes as many are accustomed to think. For the most part, this program does not track the virus. The name speaks for itself, the program is designed to block, firstly, unwanted advertising, and secondly, spam, and finally, in the third place, the installation of unnecessary additions to the various types of Internet browsers.

To date, the World Wide Web, you can find a huge number of programs. There are even some applications that are not being oriented to work on the Internet, however, set their own add-ons to any Internet browser. Well, if they offer a choice to install this add-on, or just skip this step in the installation process. But there are software products that install various types of supplements without your knowledge. It is with this fighting application called Ad-Aware Free Internet Security 9.5.

In itself, the application includes multiple modules. The main module is distributed for free. With it, any time you can scan your computer for the content of unwanted software. And here it is with the module Ad-Aware Free Internet Security situation is quite different. This is a paid program, which on the Internet to find even a version shareware, it is practically impossible, it is necessary to buy. It is worth it is not cheap, but in the end you get a pretty powerful tool that blocks unwanted incoming information you need to such an extent that no one antivirus or antispam, antiphishing equipped system will not be able to provide this.

The system has so unique tracking algorithm of incoming information that identifies even potentially dangerous sites "on the fly" (even before it's loaded). In this case, it is very interesting, because many antivirus blocking sites at once, and the program can display the site, eliminating all potentially dangerous content.


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