Adobe Reader 11 is a software with a very common now files of PDF. Today it is one of the most powerful and functional tools that allows, in addition to viewing files, rather opportunities to work with them. And it is not limited to editing.

Main Features of Adobe Reader 11

The main features of, say, the most simple actions began to note the possibility of copying the contents of the files, view the structure of documents, page-transitions, commenting, creating digital signatures, print, change the page orientation for easy viewing, management of images in the document, plus scaling plots selection. Moreover, for people with low vision, the application provides an arsenal of tools to easily view documents and better recognition of text fragments.

One of the most unusual features of software package is to display three-dimensional graphics created using, for example, the program Acrobat Adobe 3D.

No less interesting and very useful feature is the playback of multimedia content, the attachment files Macromedia Flash, QuickTime, Real and Windows Media, right in the program without the use of additional tools in the form of players, ie, text, graphics, audio and video files. Plus program supports integration with some browsers. Among them, in addition to Internet Explorer, presented Netscape, Firefox, and Mozilla (only for Windows). And even more so, the program allows you to organize video conferencing using an Internet connection. By using the Start Meeting have the opportunity to work with a document simultaneously to multiple users. Print the final result can be using a wireless connection.

And although the size of the installation package takes more than 50 MB, the program really worth it. In fact, today, it is difficult to find software that level, so even with the advanced capabilities for working with PDF is very difficult. Of course, there are other, less "weighty" application. However, Adobe Reader is little that can compare. Therefore, for comfortable work with files of this type, the program fits perfectly. Anyway, it should be said that the format of PDF, in fact, has been created by Adobe, it is not surprising that it was her REPAIRS and became the best in this area.


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